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The ARTTS project is funded by the European Commission (contract no. IST-34107) within the Information Society Technologies (IST) priority of the 6th Framework Programme.
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3D-TOF Database

by Martin Böhme last modified 2011-03-09 14:22

3D-TOF Database

The ARTTS 3D-TOF database contains datasets for typical application scenarios. Specifically, the database contains the following datasets:

  • Face detection dataset, containing around 1300 images with labelled faces and 3600 images not containing faces
  • Gesture dataset, containing 9 different simple gestures performed by different users
  • Head orientation dataset, containing heads of 13 different users in different orientations to the camera
  • Head distance dataset, containing heads of 10 different users in different orientations both at 60 and at 90 cm distance from the camera
  • A dataset of faces at different ranges from the camera, for testing the scale-invariance of features

As an example of the data contained in the database, here are two sample gestures from the gesture dataset:

The time-of-flight images in the database are stored in the ARTTS time-of-flight file format; MATLAB code for reading and writing files in the ARTTS time-of-flight format is included with the database. For more information, refer to ARTTS Deliverable D4.

Due to the large size of the database (several GB), it is not available for direct download. Due to an increasing number of requests we are currently not able to process any further Email requests for the database. We will provide a download facility in the near future.


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