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The ARTTS project is funded by the European Commission (contract no. IST-34107) within the Information Society Technologies (IST) priority of the 6th Framework Programme.
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ARTTS Toolbox

by Martin Böhme last modified 2011-03-09 14:19

ARTTS Toolbox

The ARTTS toolbox contains algorithms for 3D TOF image data. Specifically, the toolbox is divided into three parts each of which provides the listed functionality:

  • Signal processing toolbox
    • Image saving and loading
    • Image acquisition
    • Visualization
    • Foreground object segmentation
    • Signal improvement
    • Computation of image features
  • Object tracking toolbox
    • Labelling of body pose, faces, and facial features
    • Facial feature tracking
    • Multiple person tracking
    • Gait analysis
  • Action recognition toolbox
    • Labelling of actions in TOF image sequences
    • Range flow computation
    • Intrusion detection based on histogram measures
    • Action recognition from trajectories of key points
    • Action recognition using motion history images

Further information on the content of each toolbox can be obtained in the high-level documentation for each toolbox:

  • Signal processing toolbox (pdf)
  • Object tracking toolbox (pdf)
  • Action recognition toolbox (pdf)

The time-of-flight sample images in the toolbox are stored in the ARTTS time-of-flight file format; MATLAB code for reading and writing files in the ARTTS time-of-flight format is included with the toolbox. For more information, refer to ARTTS Deliverable D4.

Due to an increasing number of requests we are currently not able to process any further Email requests for the toolboxes. We will provide a download facility in the near future.


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